The Difference Between High-Performance Skincare and Drugstore Skincare

One of the biggest question that men always come to us with is quite simple:

What makes your skincare so special? Why should I use yours over what I buy in the drugstore?

If you are not sure why, don't feel left behind or in the dark. Just think of it this way, do you really want to put a low quality, chemically formulated product on your skin? Just because the damage is not necessarily "visible" does not mean that the product in harmless. Drugstore products will make your skin "feel clean" or "feel moisturized," but in reality all that many do is strip the moisture straight from the skin, accelerating aging when used long term. They are loaded with toxins and chemicals as opposed to natural ingredients which may lead to breakouts. While they may "get the job done," they are merely just covering up for not doing the job right. A proper high-performance cleanser will hydrate the skin as it cleans. A drugstore "Shower Gel" will strip your skin of its essential oils and moisture as it cleans. Even if it says hydrating, with all of the chemicals packed into these products it is just pure misleading marketing. A natural serum aftershave will act as a natural anti-septic to heal skin after the shaving process while hydrating and restoring moisture. A drugstore alcohol based aftershave will RUIN and DRY your skin. Many men on the older side or 40 swear by these Aftershave's, but it's time to catch up with the times. You only have one set of skin and damage can be hard/ impossible to reverse, or very expensive. You just simply cannot use product that damages your skin while you are supposed to be, or think you are, caring for your skin. Taking proper care will not only slow the effects of aging, but also allow you to present a healthier, clearer complexion. This will benefit you at work and at play. Trust us. 

In many cases one of the hardest things for men to get over when updating their skincare routine is price. If you want natural ingredients and high-quality formulations, you will have to pay a bit more and usually for a smaller quantity. But at the same time, as these products are such high-performance, you will merely only have to use a dime sized or so amount of product to achieve the benefit. Additionally, spending a bit more now may help prevent expensive surgery's in the future. If you feel that none of this is important, just realize that the choice you make can lead to irreversible damage and the facts are facts. It is time for men to realize that it is time to stop stripping the skin of its natural oils and moisture and start taking the steps to get results from the care we put in.