Do Sit-Ups = 6 Pack?

Every time you go to the gym you see tons of people doing crunches and sit-ups in high volume. Everyone is in search of a six pack! So the question, do crunches and sit-ups really lead to a rock-hard six pack?

The truth! Not necessarily. You can do a ton of crunches and still have a weak core. These workouts only really work your lower spine and they muscles that allow it to round. While you may see more definition when you flex, due to the increase muscle when rounding your spine. While these exercises definitely fit into a complete core workout, they do not lead to a six pack.

In order to achieve one, focus on a complete core exercise. To get a full core workout implement sets of one minute planks, side planks, mountain climbers and push-ups. Working for balance with a swiss ball and rotations with a medicine ball are also key. These workouts address the muscles that stabilize the spine and lead to a completely built core. Not only will you love the visual results, but if you experience back pain you will find some natural relief as well.