The Importance of Our 3 Step Shave

The skin on your face is the most delicate and sensitive, so it requires extra care, especially when shaving. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to invest in a good razor and let Game Day handle the rest.

Step 1:

Exfoliate with Pre-Shave: Invigorating Scrub (Light Exfoliator). This step is crucial for a smooth shave, especially if you have tough hairs(?) Scrubbing away the dead skin cells helps to thoroughly cleanse your skin, prevent ingrown hairs, and protect the skin from razor burns and bumps.

Step 2:

Lather up with Shave Cream: Brushless Hydrating Protection. Our Shave Cream is brushless, but still lathers up to create a nice, thick barrier between the razor and skin. Shaving cream helps to ease tug-and-pull for a smooth, close shave while hydrating with aloe and shea butter.

Step 3:

Finish off with Aftershave: Soothing Balm. Unlike most alcohol-based aftershaves, our aftershave hydrates skin with pear cactus extract and is a natural antiseptic, just in case you get nicked while shaving. This anti-aging serum has a cooling and soothing effect on skin that both pampers and protects.