3 Tips to Daily UV Protection

The Surgeon General's newest warning is directed straight at skin-cancer, particularly from UV exposure. Unlike cigarettes where you can't just kick the habit, the sun poses a threat every day. How can you take the necessary steps to protect your skin from the sun? Just follow these 5 tips below and you will be well on your way. 

1. Start the Day with an SPF Boosted Moisturizer

Before you leave the house every day, you must make it a part of your morning routine to cover up with a high-performance, SPF boosted moisturizer.  Pay special attention to your face, ears and back of the neck as these will be exposed all day. If you are wearing short sleeves throw some on your arms too. The moisturizer will help to restore skin health and make it appear rejuvenated while the SPF boost will provide critical protection. Try the Moisturizer: Hydrator + SPF30+ from Game Day ($32).  


2. Sunglasses are ESSENTIAL

They look cool and protect you from the sun. Why would you leave the house in the morning without them? The sun can be just as harmful to your eyes as your skin so choosing a polarized pair and wearing them when the sun is out will be greatly beneficial to your long term eyesight. Damage can be expensive to fix or even irreversible, so why risk it. The Baron by Dita is a great looking pair of sunglasses that provide critical protection ($550). 


3. Don't forget your lips

Your lips have some of the thinnest skin on your body and no clothes to cover them, so they can pose a major health risk in terms of sun damage. You should apply an SPF boosted Lip Balm as needed daily to ensure protection from sun damage. Anything over SPF 15 should be good but make sure if you are outside for long periods to reapply. Game Day's Mint Lip Balm + SPF15 is a great way to protect your lips and enjoy a nice minty burst ($5).