Winter Skincare Tips by Game Day X

Winter is upon us, and that means harsh conditions leading to dry and chapped skin. Skiers and mountain climbers have long understood the importance of proper winter skincare in order to stay healthy, comfortable and at top performance. As the seasons change, so does your skin’s needs. By taking proper care of your skin and acting before there is a problem, you can save yourself a lot of discomfort later on. Follow these simple skin care tips and you will be well on your way to proper winter skin protection.


Don’t think that just because you are not on a beach in the 80-degree sun that your skin is safe. You still must cover up with at least an SPF 30 sun-screen or SPF moisturizer. Make sure to cover your entire face and ears. You also must use an SPF boosted Lip Balm. Your lips will be the most exposed and also have some of the thinnest skin on your body, so making sure they are protected is essential. There is just no other way to protect you skin from the sun. Keep in mind that over eighty percent of the sun’s rays can even get through the clouds on a cloudy and snow actually reflects the UV rays, making them even more abundant. Cover up before you are outside and you will be well on your way to protecting yourself from the rigors of winter.

Protect Against Windburn

With winter comes much harsher winds that can take a toll on the body. Not only are the winds typically stronger and of colder air, but they can also carry snow and ice that cuts and freezes the face. Make sure to protect against windburn with a moisturizer and a scarf or some other form of facial coverage. If you are skiing, shoveling snow, etc. look for a facemask or balaclava that will stay on easily as you move and not interfere with your movements. For work choose a scarf for versatility and a more professional look. When choosing a moisturizer look for one that has no alcohol in it and is made to hydrate the skin. You would be shocked at how many moisturizers have alcohol which in itself dries the skin and will only make the situation worse. Find one with oatmeal or pear cactus extract which hydrate the skin and lock in moisture.


You will need to moisturize more whether you are inside or out. The cold air just sucks the moisture out of your skin. Your face, your hands your body. There is no avoiding it. Make sure to moisturize extra in the winter. Pay special attention to moisturize your entire body after a shower. This will help lock in moisture and you won’t forget to do it. Carry a hand and facial moisturizer around in your car, backpack or briefcase and use it often. The more proactive you are, the less likely you are to end up with completely dry and cracked skin.

Take a Warm Shower

While a hot shower might be relaxing and a nice way to get out of the cold, it is not the best thing for your skin in the winter. Take a warm shower instead of an intense hot shower and you will be taking steps to keep moisture in your skin. Hot showers break down your skin’s lipid barrier, which is helps lock in the moisture.


Make sure you exfoliate to scrub away dead skin. The Game Day Pre-Shave Invigorating Scrub is a great choice to not only eliminate dead skin cells, but it also helps to lift the hairs on your face before your shave. Not only is exfoliating beneficial to your appearance, but also to your health. By gently scrubbing away the dry, dead skin you remove imperfections and promote fresh, healthy skin. Additionally exfoliating will help your moisturizer absorb into your skin and lock in more moisture. Win win situation for winter. Exfoliate your face, hands and body, taking special care anywhere you have dry skin. Make sure you moisturize after for maximum benefit.

Author Bio:

Demetri Demascus is the Co-Founder/CEO of Game Day Skincare. Demetri and his father Dr. Kerry Demascus launched Game Day in 2013. Since then, Demetri and Dr. Demascus continue to focus on providing only the best anti-aging, high-performance formulas for the active man.